Farcan Agribusiness Co. helps growers and farmers to grow better crops. This is achieved through professional horticultural and greenhouse consulting, science based decisions, technological innovation, and a staff dedicated to the success of our clients.
Pistachio orchard and Greenhouse Management is a committed program to help growers and farmers produce the best crops in the most economical and geographical efficient manner. Our team consists of horticulturists handle your pistachio orchards and greenhouses from farm to fork which includes orchard mapping, seed and seedlings selection and plantation (for greenhouses), Soil sampling and analysis, recommendation and application of fertilizer, integrated pest management, irrigation, weed control, tillage operations, manure management, pesticides and contaminants residue management and laboratory services.
This approach provides our clients with a team of people who are focused on specific aspects of your operation. We feel that with the complexities of modern farming, a team approach provides the best service to our farm clients.
Some of the common results of working with our professional team are:

  • Greater Yields.
  • Improved Crop Quality
  • Better Control of Pests
  • Optimizing Nutrient Use