Establishing pistachio Orchards

Farcan Agribusiness Co. has a full collection of pistachio varieties available to handle all soil types and weather conditions. With our range of varieties and with our professional team we are able to offer a minimum risk for establishing commercial pistachio orchards you wish to grow and we provide you all services you need for managing your pistachio orchards as well.
The Important Points we consider to establish pistachio orchards are:

  • Location and orchard site selection
  • Climate
  • Soil types
  • Soil and water Salinity
  • Planting stock
  • Variety selection
  • Water availability and Irrigation management
  • Nutrition
  • Tree training
  • Pollination
  • Integrated pest and disease management
  • Chemical control
  • Orchard infrastructure and equipment
  • Labor requirements
  • Post-harvest and processing requirements

Farcan Agribusiness Co. consider below Key factors for success in pistachio orchard establishment:

  • Growing the right varieties
  • Business and orchard management and mechanization
  • Economic return on investment
  • Efficient use of water
  • Shortest lead time to first commercial harvest
  • Consistency of production including yield and quality
  • Choosing the right region, soil type, available water and land aspect

Greenhouse construction

Farcan Agribusiness Co. designs, manufactures, builds and installs all types of modern greenhouses for intensive agriculture. We construct different types of greenhouses including: vegetable greenhouses, hydroponic greenhouses, nursery greenhouses, flower greenhouses and greenhouses for seedlings.
Farcan Agribusiness Co. is the company that offers the best and complete service in such facilities.

We design greenhouses according to customer specifications, among which mainly include the type of crop, the climate of the area and the environment conditions.
The technical team of Farcan Agribusiness Co., makes a detailed description of the design of the greenhouse, stating the type of greenhouse, defining its structural elements, selecting the cover material, ventilation systems and heating Systems if necessary, irrigation systems, application of pesticides and climate control systems.
Once all the parameters that affect project design are determined, Construction plans of the greenhouses special configuration are made, setting out the structure, where the elements that compose it, the plans of the auxiliary systems and the greenhouse automation will be installed.